The out-takes in pink

I love photography. I’ve heard it said that digital photography is sad though because only the best pictures survive. The out-takes and the cast-offs are destroyed. Those to me are some of the best shots. The shots where we look unpolished, quirky, silly, and imperfect.

I wanted to share an outfit post today. Something I wore on the weekend. Instead of showing you only the best shot, I’m going to include some of the ones I would have edited out. Posing has always felt comical to me. I sabotage every shot I’m in. I hoped watching “Americas next top model” would help me find my best angles. I practiced poses in front of the mirror. I took picture after picture but I still haven’t found my posing mojo. You can see I’m trying to find my best angle. Where is it!? 🙂 lol.


I had to pull out the pink to go with my manicure.
A good tutorial on leopard print nails can be found here.


  1. Corrie said:

    I love your pink blazer! I have a really similar one I wear all the time.

    • Thanks! What do you wear yours with? I’m dying to try a shorts/blazer combo with a chunky sky high sandal. I just haven’t found the right pair of shorts yet.

      • Corrie said:

        One of my favorite outfit posts I did on my blog featured my pink blazer, a white tee and polka dot shorts. You really can’t go wrong with shorts as long as they are pretty neutral. Good luck can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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