Brrr it’s cold outside. The new fallen snow and upcoming Christmas parties inspired these pretties. Black stilettos with just a frosting of holographic glitter at the tips.

Anyone else loving decorating for the season? We inherited this beautiful wreath which I put some candles in. Now I’m inspired with this wreath idea. I want to change it up for every season. It reminds me of this goose. My mom had a goose you see. A life size Canada goose statue made of wood. Every season that goose would get a new bow or headdress, something to mark the changing season or an upcoming holiday. Maybe I just need a goose statue. Random musing finito.

I’ve been contemplating my next big project. I like to have one one the go at all times.

The past couple years I’ve:
– taken a makeup artistry class
– taken a manicure/ pedicure course
– trained with calgel
– started the blog 🙂

What next?

Here are some of the options I’ve been toying with:
– taking a photography class (This would give me another creative outlet and cut down on my photo editing time).
– taking a creative writing course (I think this would benefit me in so many ways. Work. Blogging. Its been on my bucket list to be published and improving my writing skills couldn’t hurt).

Now that I’ve written down my options I feel like I have some positive momentum to pick one.

Any other ideas?

Last week went by in a blur. It almost feels surreal. I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately. But I found the cure.

I started my “after work week” with some music. My bro has a radio show every Tuesday at 7pm ET called La Belle Showcase (its on ckxu 88.3fm, you can listen online via iTunes or at Being busy and forgetful meant that last night was the first time I listened to his show. I’m so glad I did.

The show features a new label every week and then showcases music from the label’s many signed artists. I came away with two new bands I’m going to have to check out. But more than that, I came away inspired. My bro just jumped into radio, he loves music and he now shares that love with the world. All that enthusiasm and talent is contagious 🙂

So what’s my next project?

I came across this amazing blog and I had to share. Isn’t it amazing. It is so personal and unique. Makes me wish I studied Japanese longer wahhh. The author (Takashi Betsui) writes many blog posts simply by scanning pages of his moleskin journal!


Here is where I first learn’t about the blog (one of my favorite reads, I highly recommend it if you love Japanese culture/ marketing/ new product innovation).

I’ve been craving my own ink for as long a I can remember. In high school I wanted a four pointed star. There was always something special, magical and beautiful about the shape. But once I realized how commons stars were for tattoos, I lost interest.

Lately I’ve been addicted to the site The Tattoologist. The site features tattoo submissions from all over the world. I love seeing the variety of beautiful living designs and I love hearing their origins.

All this inspiration is stirring my desire to get my own ink!