I spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon at The Butterfly Wonderland. It was ahhhhmazing. It was like a 10 year old me got to live in a fairy tale. (Yes that’s right butterflies. I am a princess. Decorate me. Weeeeeeeeee).

Apparently butterflies dig bright colors. Who knew. ūüôā




Soo my pink tips have faded. And not wanting just blond ends, I took matters into my own hands.

20130729-073704.jpg I now have ends which are blue, purple and pink. I’ve also acquired the nickname: my little pony (specifically – dreams pony) from the bf. I don’t watch the show but I love being referred to as magically fantastic horse. Ha.

I did it. Finally.
My hair is pink. Well the tips are pink and I LOVE IT.


I went to see my beautifully talented stylist Amy at Scissors in Ottawa. I love Amy she’s so creative. She always shares with me her insights as to what she thinks will looks best given my own preferences as well as my face shape and hair color. I love sharing in the creative process.

Hair, like fashion, is art after all!

I recently had the pleasure of doing the hair and make-up on a photo-shoot for the Marcelle Bénédicte line.

The experience was lovely. The talent in front and behind the camera was stunning and a real treat to be a part of.

For the Spring/Summer 2013 collection,¬†√Čmilie Paris√©, the designer behind the label, was inspired by time spent in Paris and Ta√Įz√©.

Here are some beautiful pics from the shoot – don’t they make you crave spring!





Clothing from: the Marcelle¬†B√©n√©dicte¬†Spring/Summer 2013 line (these¬†pieces will be part of fashion event ‘Passport to Paris’on¬†April 27th, 2013 )

Photos by: Greg Amponsah

Jewelry by: Mary Eng

Hair and Make-up: Me 

Only a couple more months on winter until we can sport beautiful designs like these again!

Hope your looking forward to spring as much as I am ūüôā



I had the best time celebrating my bf’s b-day. We jetted off to NYC for a weekend of food, fashion and exploring.

Sadly I took no pictures. None. And there were many I should have taken. But I guess you can’t feel bad about it when you are so in the moment you can’t stop for a photo op.

The only picture I have of the weekend was one I took after I got home. The shot of THE BUN. I’ve been loving the sock bun look because it creates this massive bun. When I got to the airport for my return flight though this baby got a full BUN pat down by security. My body was completely untouched while my BUN got groped, squeezed and poked for… weapons? I was just thankful they didn’t ask me to take my hair down – poke away security lady poke away.