Ok the radio silence is over. I’ve been silent the past couple months planning a wedding. My wedding. In Koh Samui, Thailand.

I’ve so missed blogging. Wooo here’s to adventure.



Brrr it’s cold outside. The new fallen snow and upcoming Christmas parties inspired these pretties. Black stilettos with just a frosting of holographic glitter at the tips.

Anyone else loving decorating for the season? We inherited this beautiful wreath which I put some candles in. Now I’m inspired with this wreath idea. I want to change it up for every season. It reminds me of this goose. My mom had a goose you see. A life size Canada goose statue made of wood. Every season that goose would get a new bow or headdress, something to mark the changing season or an upcoming holiday. Maybe I just need a goose statue. Random musing finito.


Ok this post isn’t totally about chicken and waffles. It’s about how life can grab u by the waffles and shake u around a little. That’s. Me.

Or that was me for a solid 3 months. Sigh. But I’m baaaack. And I’m going to have a great post this weekend as I’ll be heading out to the Ottawa vintage clothing sale again. Ahhhh nothing says retail therapy like rows and rows of vintage do dads.

I hope anyone reading this blog has had a happy and productive 3 months.


I did it. Finally.
My hair is pink. Well the tips are pink and I LOVE IT.


I went to see my beautifully talented stylist Amy at Scissors in Ottawa. I love Amy she’s so creative. She always shares with me her insights as to what she thinks will looks best given my own preferences as well as my face shape and hair color. I love sharing in the creative process.

Hair, like fashion, is art after all!