Monthly Archives: January 2012

Winter fashion. Ok. I know it exists. I just haven’t really figured it out yet. Perhaps its my priorities. I like warmth over fashion when the temperature drops to -20 celsius.

My latest must have purchase is warm boots that are cute. My current pair don’t fit the bill. Warm they are. Cute they are not!

In searching for a nice pair (that must go well with jeans), I looked at Sorels. Yup. the previously known to be ugly but respected for their warmth brand. I must say I was surprised by what I saw. Their website is nicely constructed and features a 30 sec. commercial with a well attired model tromping around in a huge pair of Sorels and an old school riffel. Check it out.

While I haven’t found anything yet there are some definite possibilities. And I have more respect for the brand making an attempt to bring form to their functional legacy.


An amazing night with great friends!

Summary of the night:
1. Unfortunately seeing a victim of new years fireworks mayhem. I can’t believe it but 5 steps from a local convenience store we witnessed a man blow off two fingers. Yes 2! We weren’t quite sure if his friend was just taking pictures of his misfortune or dialing 911 (211 in Germany). Thankfully 4 minutes later the ambulance arrived.
2. Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! Everywhere. We managed to avoid bodily harm. Although I did get a spark in the eye. And C narrowly missed a firework exploding in his kangaroo jacket hood. Amazing. Beautiful and awe inspiring. Our hosts definitely showed us an amazing view of Berlin on new years eve.
3. Drinks at one of C’s friends houses. Good company and convos until the early am when we walked out butts to the local club!