Monthly Archives: July 2013


I was on my 40 foot limo when I took this snap. Had time to paint my virgin nails last night. Thought matchy matchy would be fitting.

Happy hump day!


Soo my pink tips have faded. And not wanting just blond ends, I took matters into my own hands.

20130729-073704.jpg I now have ends which are blue, purple and pink. I’ve also acquired the nickname: my little pony (specifically – dreams pony) from the bf. I don’t watch the show but I love being referred to as magically fantastic horse. Ha.

I did it. Finally.
My hair is pink. Well the tips are pink and I LOVE IT.


I went to see my beautifully talented stylist Amy at Scissors in Ottawa. I love Amy she’s so creative. She always shares with me her insights as to what she thinks will looks best given my own preferences as well as my face shape and hair color. I love sharing in the creative process.

Hair, like fashion, is art after all!