Monthly Archives: April 2013

Working with wonderfully talented people makes life so much sweeter.

People like the crew at Marcelle Bénédicte.

photoshoot April 18

Me with one of the models of the Passport to Paris Fashion show.

Want a delightful night out?

If you’re in Ottawa April 27th – attend the Marcelle Bénédicte annual fashion show “Passport to Paris”. Details can be found here.


Rather than post crud, I’ve been neglecting my blog. I love my blog. I miss my blog.

I will return. Shortly. I’m not going anywhere.

Too many coals in the fire, professionally and personally. I think this year may go down as the one containing the most change in my life.

Change is amazing, cleansing, exciting and hugely rewarding; but for a perfectionist like me it can also be exhausting.

But with so much on the go right now – I’ll have some very exciting posts soon.

Sorry for this boring teaser post.