Monthly Archives: September 2012


I spent a wonderful weekend in the largest city in Canada. Toronto. The home of one of my best friends, Laura. So one of my favourite places as a result.

We spent the whole day on Saturday shopping at Yorkdale mall. We didn’t leave the mall with much, I got some awesome socks at H&M and we both got some false lashes at Sephora. Even though we went easy on our wallets, after six hours of scouring the mall for new finds we were both exhausted.

Thankfully we refuelled with lattes and lashes. Using false lashes is one of my favourite ways to play with a look, to create some drama or just go completely over the top for a night. I think Laura is a new lash convert. Although I had to laugh when I asked Laura “How do they feel” and she responded happily “Great… I love them. It just feels like I have hair in my eyes all the time.” Not exactly how I would describe the feeling, which to me feels like butterflies on top of my lashes… But hopefully next time wearing lashes will be a more comfortable for her.

After our looks were complete we headed to little Italy to a little restaurant called “La Forchetta Ristorante“. I’ve been to the restaurant twice and love it there. The food at La Forchetta reminds me of eating in Italy. Simple, fresh ingredients are combined in unique and uncomplicated ways, yielding food that demands you just sit, relax, and enjoy every forkful. And the service is impeccable. If you are in Toronto I highly recommend it.

After dinner we went to Eat My Martini, so delicious. 6$Martinis. We ordered the Pumpkin Pie and the Chocolate Factory Martini. The Chocolate Factory is my favourite so far, but with over 130 Martinis to choose from I might find a new favourite next time.

It’s wasn’t a late, late night. But we are already planning our next night out. Looks like it might involve dancing and drag queens and I can’t wait.

I had a wonderfully weekend. I hope you did too!



My eyes spied these online and I fell in love.

Ahhh what’s a girl to do? Cutler and Gross glasses could be a huge addiction eeep. I love how their styles suit any personality. And the colors are so vibrant. Unfortunately I just bought glasses so this purchase would be completely frivolous, but I can still daydream about them.

images from: 1. Cutler and Gross promo image on and 2. Cutler and Gross website.


I had the best time celebrating my bf’s b-day. We jetted off to NYC for a weekend of food, fashion and exploring.

Sadly I took no pictures. None. And there were many I should have taken. But I guess you can’t feel bad about it when you are so in the moment you can’t stop for a photo op.

The only picture I have of the weekend was one I took after I got home. The shot of THE BUN. I’ve been loving the sock bun look because it creates this massive bun. When I got to the airport for my return flight though this baby got a full BUN pat down by security. My body was completely untouched while my BUN got groped, squeezed and poked for… weapons? I was just thankful they didn’t ask me to take my hair down – poke away security lady poke away.




I wore my grey princess Mimi eyes recently. I added a third eye. This beautiful piece my bf picked out for me. The eye changes color ever so slightly depending on what I am wearing and the angle of light traveling through it.

I meant to do a follow-up post eons ago about my circle lens purchase, but I just never got around to it. So here are some extra pics up close of the contacts when I first received them. I was really impressed with the contacts but I think I’ll try ordering from another supplier next time. If you recall I ordered from “pinky paradise” great shop but the surprise 37.00 customs charge on a 100.00 order was a little too pricey for me. Ultimately I might still go with pinky paradise again due to their great service and superior selection but if I can somehow avoid that customs charge that would be even better.