Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of shopping with a friend at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing sale. As usual the sale did not disappoint.

Plenty of jewelry, scarves and other assorted bits and bobs. I found a lovely italian silk pocket square for my man as well as a new pair of cufflinks.

For me I found a lovely gold collar. I’ve been longing for a chunky gold necklace since spotting this look on Lilly Allan and Lana Del Ray.


I also nabbed this scarf clip – I’m not exactly sure how to use it yet but from what I can tell I’ll have no trouble finding good tutorials like this one.



Last Saturday I attended the Ottawa Vintage Show held this year at the Ottawa Convention center. I scoured the halls of with hundreds of other fashionable men and women hoping to find a new treasured item in amongst the stalls.

Take a look at the new additions to my wardrobe:

My new fox fur headband. I named him Oscar.

Bling Bling. I’m planning on wearing these puppies for New Year’s. I think they will look divine when paired elegantly with Champagne.

20121123-080637.jpgNew silk scarves. The Top one is a Museum of Modern Art scarf. The bottom one is an Yves St. Laurent scarf.

The event was so fun. It was hard not to snatch up everything that caught my fancy. I was almost tempted to buy this….

20121124-100028.jpgA Mink jacket. Wearing it felt like being in a Ton-ton – or I guess what I would imagine that was like for Luke.

I will not miss the Ottawa vintage show next year!

I recently had the pleasure of doing the hair and make-up on a photo-shoot for the Marcelle Bénédicte line.

The experience was lovely. The talent in front and behind the camera was stunning and a real treat to be a part of.

For the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Émilie Parisé, the designer behind the label, was inspired by time spent in Paris and Taïzé.

Here are some beautiful pics from the shoot – don’t they make you crave spring!





Clothing from: the Marcelle Bénédicte Spring/Summer 2013 line (these pieces will be part of fashion event ‘Passport to Paris’on April 27th, 2013 )

Photos by: Greg Amponsah

Jewelry by: Mary Eng

Hair and Make-up: Me 

Only a couple more months on winter until we can sport beautiful designs like these again!

Hope your looking forward to spring as much as I am 🙂





I wore my grey princess Mimi eyes recently. I added a third eye. This beautiful piece my bf picked out for me. The eye changes color ever so slightly depending on what I am wearing and the angle of light traveling through it.

I meant to do a follow-up post eons ago about my circle lens purchase, but I just never got around to it. So here are some extra pics up close of the contacts when I first received them. I was really impressed with the contacts but I think I’ll try ordering from another supplier next time. If you recall I ordered from “pinky paradise” great shop but the surprise 37.00 customs charge on a 100.00 order was a little too pricey for me. Ultimately I might still go with pinky paradise again due to their great service and superior selection but if I can somehow avoid that customs charge that would be even better.



Jeans: Gap | Sweater and necklace: H&M | Shoes: Minelli

I finally found a comfy slouchy sweater at H&M. It was harder to find one than I thought. I saw them all over the web but I wasn’t keen about spending 80+ dollars for something that is so reliant on fit. I knew that if the weight was too thick I’d look a bit plump, or I wouldn’t get the drape I was looking for. But Voila I finally found my slouchy sweater at H&M for just 19.98 woot!

This outfit reminds me of my Grams. It’s the shoes mostly. The shoes make my 6.5 size feet look even smaller (similar to my Grammie’s size 5 feet). I think the style is very classically french, basic, effortless, uncomplicated in the design.

Bon Soir mes amies.

A quick post of the outfit I wore to Bluesfest last week. Sorry it’s all wonky plus missing a clear shot of the top. I’ve been dying to wear this top since I got it in San Fran in February. But nothing seemed to pair quite right with it, that was until I found this skirt. The combination of the soft drape and looseness of the top with the uber tightness of the skirt balanced the look.

top, final touch; shirt, Forever 21; arm candy, 2 handmade by me, large spike bangles from Forever 21

I’m so excited that I got to see Dragonette perform. Their show was amazing, such a good performance. I will absolutely make a point to see them again. They performed some of my favorite songs including, “Easy” and “I get around”. I’ve had these songs on repeat all week. I love that I’m seeing more live music this year. It’s such a great experience to hear musicians live, I always feel like the music and the happiness of the crowd is infectious.


I’m already on the prowl for new festival/rocker worthy garb! As an update to this earlier post I did actually find some great shawl patterns online. I guess I was only missing the word “groovy” in my search because once I searched groovy shawl patterns I found a site dedicated to 60-70’s patterns.

Peace out.

Purse, Longchamps “le Pliage”; shoes, Franco Sarto.

Toured St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts this weekend. My talented girlfriend is the arts director! The Church is  deconsecrated now and is an amazing spot for live events and social gatherings.

The weather was beautiful so decided tofinally try out my new high-waisted shots. I’ve been admiring high waisted shorts and pants since last year when I was in NYC for my B-day and spotted more than a few ladies rocking the look. Since then it’s been nearly impossible for me to find a pair of jeans or shorts that were high waisted, but I lucked out this weekend at Forever 21. I swear that place kills me. 99% of everything I try on looks horrible on me, wrong fabric, wrong lining, horrible drape…. but then I find that one thing that I love (and for 12.98 no less) that makes all the fruitless hunting worthwhile. The top was a previous find as well for 17.98, sheesh 🙂

If I was to wear this again I’d make the style a little more pin-up for a night out. Heels instead of wedges, curls instead of straight hair but keep the red lip.

Sunnies, Michael Kors; top, Forever 21; Cross necklace, Peoples; Star Necklace, custom.

I love photography. I’ve heard it said that digital photography is sad though because only the best pictures survive. The out-takes and the cast-offs are destroyed. Those to me are some of the best shots. The shots where we look unpolished, quirky, silly, and imperfect.

I wanted to share an outfit post today. Something I wore on the weekend. Instead of showing you only the best shot, I’m going to include some of the ones I would have edited out. Posing has always felt comical to me. I sabotage every shot I’m in. I hoped watching “Americas next top model” would help me find my best angles. I practiced poses in front of the mirror. I took picture after picture but I still haven’t found my posing mojo. You can see I’m trying to find my best angle. Where is it!? 🙂 lol.


I had to pull out the pink to go with my manicure.
A good tutorial on leopard print nails can be found here.