Monthly Archives: October 2015

The hubs and I visited San Francisico this past week and boy did we do a lot of walking and a lot of eating. 

We never like to feel like we wasted an opportunity to try the best that a new city has to offer so we did a lot of research to find the best (and reasonably priced haunts of the city). This list is a culmination of some of the spots we saw were repeatedly well ranked on, and on sites like urban spoon. We tried all these out personally so can vouch for thief tastiness. 

1. Z&Y Chinese food. This place was so delicious. It’s small so prepare to wait. We had to share a 4 person table with another lady who was very friendly and shared with us that this was the best spot for authentic Chinese in the city. She said the chef was from China and couldn’t be beat. We had Mau Po tofu, this crazy chicken pepper dish, Eggplant in garlic sauce and Wontons in spicy peanut sauce. We order Mau Po tofu and eggplant in garlic sauce quite frequently at home. The biggest difference we noted with the dishes at Z&Y was the complexity of flavours in each dish. If you love Chinese food, this restaurant is a must for your visit. 

2. Tony’s Pizza. I wrote about this restaurant a couple years ago when I visited with my Mom. And it’s just a delicious now as then. When I was scouring the Internet for pizza options I noted that some other newer up and comers in the city have been generating some buzz, but I had to go to Tony’s again. I’m so glad we did. Tony’s is ranked as one of the top pizza restaurants in the US and does not disappoint. We had a New York style pizza called the New Yorker. 

3. The Stinking Rose. I love garlic. Thank goodness that my husband does too because otherwise I doubt he could stand being in the same room as me some days. This restaurant is an ode to the delicious bulb. I’m starting to droll just thinking about the garlicky goodness of their roasted garlic served with bread yum yum. 

4. Mad Dog in the Fog. A nice neighborhood pub in the Haight area. Not to big. Not too small. Awesome service and great beer recommendations. Rumored to have the best beer selection in the city. 

5. Muracci’s Japanese curry. If you haven’t had Japanese curry. Try some. I mean Now! Japanese curry is so delicious. Spicy sweet and full of tangy meaty goodness. We had the extra spicy pork cutlet curry. The curry was so amazing it made me miss Japan a little less. 

If you visit San Fran I hope you get a chance to sample some of its culinary delights.