Monthly Archives: May 2013

The funny thing about the new house is how it has already changed me.

I used to shop for shoes. Now I’m shopping for garbage cans? And soap dispensers?

It’s wierd. It’s wierd that I’m enjoying shopping for garbage bins for our new bathroom(s). Who needs multiple bathrooms? It’s overkill – but we fell in love with the house.

But let’s get to the point of this random post. The seat, the throne, the can, whatever you want to call it. The toilet seat in my new home is now always up. Always. I’m not sure how… I think the BF likes the sceneic difference of every new room and is making his mark all over the house. It doesn’t matter which bathroom I go to, the seat is always up. Now this never bothered me overly in the old house. We had one bathroom, I’d just put the seat down. Done.
Now I’m always putting down the seat… somehow I have not yet gone to a bathroom where the seat is in it’s down position…

I think I might need to invest in an automatic seat lowering device.
Rant over.


I have a new nest. After what seems like eons of legal paperwork and home preparations I am the proud new owner of a new nest with my love bird. Yes this is all very sappy – but I love it. I especially love referring to the “nest” as a nest, if only to see the fiancé’s eye roll.

My future hubs and I started house hunting in February. Our thought was that we should start looking because it might take us a while to find a house that was juuuusssst right for us. I’ve never owned anything so large, nothing. I never owned my own car, or a condo. The fiancé had owned the condo we were living in, so he had an idea of what he wanted, but I definitely did not.

We called up our realtor and made an appointment to see some of the properties he had lined up for us, with an understanding of our general home parameters. We wanted to stay in the city, within walkable distance to amenities and we also wanted a newer home with a substantial kitchen. On this first outing we looked at 10 properties. As we made our way from property to property I saw things that I liked but something was always off. I liked elements, but never the whole. Each house felt like a new dress that was pretty and new, but just didn’t fit me. I couldn’t imagine cooking dinner in the kitchen, or what it would feel like to have family stay with us.

Weary from the day we agreed to see one last place before calling it quits for the night. We pulled into a quiet block and up to a duplex. As we opened the front door and walked into the kitchen, I sighed out loud. This was it. I could see it all. Family in the kitchen eating a meal together or friends over to watch UFC. Best of all my fiancé felt the same. It was a fit, it was like waking up to all the possibilities of what this space would mean for us. More time for us with our friends, space for family to come and visit in comfort and maybe a dog after the wedding. So we bought it.

For anyone who has gone through this first home purchase you know how all-encompassing it can be. Learning about mortgages, readying your existing property for sale, home inspections and appraisals and then physically moving. I dropped off the grid for a while. But the hard part is over. We are in our new place now. We aren’t unpacked. We likely won’t be for a while, but our nest is all ours. And straw by straw we are creating our home together.

So to all our friends and family, Thank you! Thanks for your advice and your patience while we’ve been so busy. And to anyone who follows this blog thanks for sticking around through my silence the past couple of months. My absence from the blog is nearly at an end. And thanks to the new nest I have so many ideas for new projects.