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Jeans: Gap | Sweater and necklace: H&M | Shoes: Minelli

I finally found a comfy slouchy sweater at H&M. It was harder to find one than I thought. I saw them all over the web but I wasn’t keen about spending 80+ dollars for something that is so reliant on fit. I knew that if the weight was too thick I’d look a bit plump, or I wouldn’t get the drape I was looking for. But Voila I finally found my slouchy sweater at H&M for just 19.98 woot!

This outfit reminds me of my Grams. It’s the shoes mostly. The shoes make my 6.5 size feet look even smaller (similar to my Grammie’s size 5 feet). I think the style is very classically french, basic, effortless, uncomplicated in the design.

Bon Soir mes amies.



Good morning!

I love cookies. Just like cookie monster I could eat cookies all the time; except then I’d pay the price at the gym. Still that doesn’t stop me from finding creative ways to inject cookies into each meal ūüôā

These little beauties are crunchy yet moist at the same time. Filled with plenty of oats, apricots, cashews and soy protein powder they can just squeeze their way into being a guilt free breakfast. This dairy free recipe was made with minimal sugar and oil.



This is the apricot paste. Delicious. It is essentially a really big apricot fruit roll up. Which makes me think you could use any 100% fruit snack as a substitute as well. I found this at my local middle eastern food store.

Ginger sugar! It has a lot of ginger which is why I didn’t add any more to the recipe. I found this at my local Asian supermarket. I’m a sucker for trying new baking ingredients.


Finally. The end result. These delicious breakfast cookies. I really enjoy the pockets of apricot. I like mine a little warm but they are great cold too. To eat warm (if you aren’t gobbling them straight out of the oven just nuke them for 15 seconds).

Nom Nom Nom!


I didn’t feel like a plain French would do this week.

Sorry my cuticles look a little rough. I’ve just been too busy to do much with them.

Still loving my clear CalGel nails pretty sweet for 2.5 weeks growth ehh!

20120826-222536.jpg Grey: CND Asphalt | Silver: Orly Shine

Have you seen the Orly Flash Glam Effects? I have a serious desire for the all these shades but especially “IT’S A METEOR” so fun and could be offset by so many amazing colors.

I’ve been dying to have an occasion to wear this dress. This weekend was that occasion.20120819-234103.jpg


    Dress = Susy Shier, Jacket = Urban Behaviour, Necklace = vintage, Sandals = Sam Edelman, Bag = Longchamp

We took the opportunity to get away this weekend to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Just a short getaway, to drink wine, eat delicious food and listen to amazing music. We got tickets to dinner and a concert at the Jackson-Triggs Winery. The weather was beautiful and the wine did a great job of cooling the summer heat.

Dinner was in the Jackson-Triggs wine cellar. It was a delicious dinner, 5 courses which were all expertly paired with Jackson-Triggs wines. Dinner guests were seated at trestle or round tables with about 8-12 people per table, so we got the opportunity to meet some great people while enjoying our dinner.

After dinner we headed out to the Amphitheater that is on the property where we got to listen to Raine Maida play. I loved the experience, the venue was amazing, really intimate, it accommodates somewhere around 200 people so everyone had great seats. This is a trip I’d love to take again. It was just so magical – Wine, Music and Moonlight.

(Side-note: I love this dress but it was a lot of work. I sewed loose crochet knots for a 1/2 an hour before I even wore it once and when I took it off last night I spotted two more places that will need a quick fix before I wear this again.)

Home is where the heart is.
My heart is missing my Mom.

I remember and miss the oddest things about living with my Mom. Like waking up in the morning trying to find her in the house, only to realize she was out amongst her flowers. (They look great this year Mom!)


I put up a new page. A new stage?…

Check out my new page for all the details on my Mobile Calgel Service in Ottawa.

If you haven’t tried it, Calgel is a really great product for those looking to add some extra strength to their natural nails. It is applied directly on the nail, is gentle on your nail, promotes growth and is easy to maintain and remove.

My Mobile Nail Service means I come to you. You could sip on your weekend latte and watch Sex and the City reruns while I pamper you pretty Рor Р Enjoy a glass of wine in the comfort of your own home after work while your digits get dressed for the next day. Either way, less work for you and more stylish, easily manageable, digits.

Here’s to making hands more stylish and meeting new exciting clients!







I’m afraid. Very afraid.

I bought these recently.

I haven’t had the nerve to wear them yet. I pull them out of my drawer. I look at them. I admire them. ¬† ¬† ¬†I even try them on, but they never leave the house.

I have visions that as soon as I leave the house, I will:

  • Step in a puddle
  • Spill my coffee all over myself
  • Lean against a newly painted hand rail
  • Sit in gum

I’m afraid of White Pants.