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I had the pleasure of going to Art-is-in Bakery a couple of weeks ago. I’m so glad I did.

I stumbled upon Art-is-in when looking for a good brunch option for a recent bookclub meeting. I wanted something fun and unpretentious but delicious, I found that at Art-is-in.

I would say the vibe is friendly, accessible hipster (just the right blend of warmth and style to make you smile and feel like you could chat up just about anyone there). The crowd is a mix of age groups who just seem to all have one thing in mind – eating fabulous food.

The menu hangs displayed on two blackboards above the counter with staff eager to help you make a selection. The staff member who took our order was very calm and didn’t rush us at all, despite a growing line of other foodies growing behind us. I really appreciated her calm amidst the breskfast rush, as there were so many tempting options and having never been before it was nice to ask some questions before making a selection.

I opted for a breakfast sandwich (egg, cheese and bacon on freshly baked sourdough bread) a coffee, and a peanut butter and jam Danish. One of my friends ordered the same and another girlfriend ordered the Croque Monsieur.

We settled in to a table with our table number (waitresses bring you your kitchen order to your table). What followed once our order arrived was … a lot of delighted mmmmm’s and silence as we enjoyed our meal.

My breakfast sandwich was delicious, the bread was soft, sour and ever so salty which complemented the bacon, egg and cheese inside. Fresh chopped chives rested on top of the sandwich and a sort of sweet chutney was provided for dipping (the closest I could describe the chutney was Dutch ketchup).

The Peanut Butter and Jam Danish was divine. I’m not lying when I say I often think about this Danish. It was sinful. Just enough peanut butter and jam inside to make it ooey-gooey without being too messy. To top it off resting on top of the Danish were fresh banana slices. Yum.

*Note: The restaurant layout has changed a little since these pictures. They’ve nice increased seating. Yippee!


One of my best friends gave me her perfume. Chanel Allure.
She was leaving, going far away.
She couldn’t take it with her.
The bottle is almost empty and she’s moved on to a new scent anyways.
So she left her perfume behind with me.

One of my best friends is gone.
But I smell her everywhere now.
And I miss her.

I’m still here. I swear. I’ve had huge blog guilt for not posting in almost 2 weeks. But I hope you give me a pass since I’ve been: 1. basking in post engagement glow and 2. jumping back into a crazy 9-5 life again.

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday break! More posts about my amazing adventure in Vietnam and Japan to follow.