Jeans: Gap | Sweater and necklace: H&M | Shoes: Minelli

I finally found a comfy slouchy sweater at H&M. It was harder to find one than I thought. I saw them all over the web but I wasn’t keen about spending 80+ dollars for something that is so reliant on fit. I knew that if the weight was too thick I’d look a bit plump, or I wouldn’t get the drape I was looking for. But Voila I finally found my slouchy sweater at H&M for just 19.98 woot!

This outfit reminds me of my Grams. It’s the shoes mostly. The shoes make my 6.5 size feet look even smaller (similar to my Grammie’s size 5 feet). I think the style is very classically french, basic, effortless, uncomplicated in the design.

Bon Soir mes amies.


I’ve been dying to have an occasion to wear this dress. This weekend was that occasion.20120819-234103.jpg


    Dress = Susy Shier, Jacket = Urban Behaviour, Necklace = vintage, Sandals = Sam Edelman, Bag = Longchamp

We took the opportunity to get away this weekend to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Just a short getaway, to drink wine, eat delicious food and listen to amazing music. We got tickets to dinner and a concert at the Jackson-Triggs Winery. The weather was beautiful and the wine did a great job of cooling the summer heat.

Dinner was in the Jackson-Triggs wine cellar. It was a delicious dinner, 5 courses which were all expertly paired with Jackson-Triggs wines. Dinner guests were seated at trestle or round tables with about 8-12 people per table, so we got the opportunity to meet some great people while enjoying our dinner.

After dinner we headed out to the Amphitheater that is on the property where we got to listen to Raine Maida play. I loved the experience, the venue was amazing, really intimate, it accommodates somewhere around 200 people so everyone had great seats. This is a trip I’d love to take again. It was just so magical – Wine, Music and Moonlight.

(Side-note: I love this dress but it was a lot of work. I sewed loose crochet knots for a 1/2 an hour before I even wore it once and when I took it off last night I spotted two more places that will need a quick fix before I wear this again.)

Purse, Longchamps “le Pliage”; shoes, Franco Sarto.

Toured St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts this weekend. My talented girlfriend is the arts director! The Church is  deconsecrated now and is an amazing spot for live events and social gatherings.

The weather was beautiful so decided tofinally try out my new high-waisted shots. I’ve been admiring high waisted shorts and pants since last year when I was in NYC for my B-day and spotted more than a few ladies rocking the look. Since then it’s been nearly impossible for me to find a pair of jeans or shorts that were high waisted, but I lucked out this weekend at Forever 21. I swear that place kills me. 99% of everything I try on looks horrible on me, wrong fabric, wrong lining, horrible drape…. but then I find that one thing that I love (and for 12.98 no less) that makes all the fruitless hunting worthwhile. The top was a previous find as well for 17.98, sheesh 🙂

If I was to wear this again I’d make the style a little more pin-up for a night out. Heels instead of wedges, curls instead of straight hair but keep the red lip.

Sunnies, Michael Kors; top, Forever 21; Cross necklace, Peoples; Star Necklace, custom.




Short post because I have to get back to the festivities 🙂

I had to dress the part for our Nation’s B-day. I also watched lots of baby beaver videos on YouTube to get me immersed in Canadiana this am. I’m in love with those furry little guys.

I think my BF is starting to like the power he holds as my photographer. The poses below are the result of his art direction. My favorite line while he was posing me “your supposed to be uncomfortable then the shot will look good”. Ha.

*Dress H&M, shoes Aldo. Dress is a true red in natural light.

Well it’s complete (o.k partially complete, I still have to sort through the laundry mountain).

Here are some shots of the before and after.


All in all, it took me about 3 hours to go through everything. But now, I think that I will have a much more functional system. My work wardrobe is now organized into 2 drawers of dresses, pants and work shirts; while the rest of my wardrobe is organized in my closet.

There were a few factors that led to my desperate desire to do this: It was unorganized, I no longer had any idea what if anything I needed, I kept randomly finding a shirt or sweater buried under laundry that I loved and had totally forgot about, but mostly, I started thinking about how I choose my work clothes each morning. Five days a week, bleary-eyed, I try to locate random work attire in limited lighting; and let’s face it, somedays I got lucky, and other days I’d lose the office attire gamble.

Two good things that came out of this cleanse.

#1. I realized that I have more work clothes than I thought. They were just hiding. Yeah!

#2. After discarding all the clothes I no longer wear and seeing my true stockpile of “weekend” clothes. I have decided that the stockpile is not as large as first imagined… this may prompt further clothing collection, but this is still to be determined. 🙂

I’m planning a purge of the closet. This scares me. I wonder if I’ll still hang on to the mesh sweater from 99′ (I never wear it but it never gets cut.)

I plan in having two sections to the organized closet. 1. Work clothes. 2. Other (ie. casual, indecent and or suggestive). I’ll try to take some snaps once it’s clean 🙂