Monthly Archives: December 2011

Had the most delicious drink at a Christmas market with family. Feuerzangenbowle!!

Read about it here. And make your own just in time for new years. click here



Today is a relaxing day of shopping am drinking the local hot wine sold on the street corner. Similar to mulled wine but easier and the spice, Gluhwein is a German Christmas drink. It helps that you can drink and stroll the streets freely here. Alcohol is even allowed on the subway and in taxis.

Upon landing in Berlin. I was struck by an odd first impression. The hair! Ohh the hair.
There were 80 year women with flaming red hair, pink hair with blond dyed eyebrows and young men with little mini Mohawks standing on heads only partially buzzed. I’ll try to get some shots of these but I’ve unfortunately been slow on the photo snapping.

Here’s a shot of the German parliament buildings to tide you over.


And so it begins, this adventure in personal publishing. I’m not exactly sure what this space will become, but I do know what I like. I hope that this space will be a place I can share what I love, what inspires me, and a little bit about my life.