One tough trooper cupcakes

Our neighbor was hit by a car last week! Don’t worry, He is alright minus a leg fracture. This unfortunate event surely deserved cupcakes.

One tough trooper cupcakes

– 1 Package store bought white cake batter
– (Whatever the store bought cake batter calls for in order to make it a cake)
– 2 packages of lime kool aid

– Mix the cake batter per the instructions on the back of the box.
– Once mixed toss in two packages of kool aid lime mix. (I found this to be too much lime and will use only one next time but my bf loved the one he tasted.)
– Bake per regular cupcake recipe (per back of box).


Once baked, ice the cupcakes and add the topping of your choice. I went with tough lime army men 🙂


Ps. I’m haven’t added my icing recipe because there isn’t one. I never measure but the ingredients are butter, icing sugar, vanilla, milk and food coloring if desired.

  1. This is super cute idea! Where did you find those army men candies?

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