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Elephant LR WM.

My prince, my knight in a ninja’s suit rode up on an elephant. It wasn’t a traditional wedding, it was our wedding, and it could not have been any more perfect.

I spent the 14th of August getting married to the love of my life, in Koh Samui Thailand. He just happened to roll up on a pachyderm.

Where to start – how do you start the tale of an epic adventure?

Once upon a time a couple wanted to tie the knot. But where do you get married when regardless of the venue many of  your family and friends all have to travel to attend? We knew we wanted to have a destination wedding. Travel in Canada is expensive and we wanted our guests to have a vacation. So to help us decide on the destination we put the question to our immediate family. Where would they prefer to go? The Caribbean?, South America? Or Thailand? To our surprise, when asked about their destination of choice, our family chose Thailand. I could not believe that our family and friends were down for this adventure, some of whom have traveled very little.

Thailand holds a special place in our hearts, my husband and I took our very first trip together to Thailand. We explored the amazing country together and learned a lot about ourselves and each other in the process. It meant the world to us that we were able to share this country with nearly 30 of our closest friends and family at our wedding. I still can’t believe how lucky we are to have all these amazing people in our lives. We had people travel from all across the globe, New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Canada.

I’ve tried to write this post dozens of times, wanting my writing to somehow paint the vividness of our experience overseas. No matter how many drafts I make, I just can’t seam to capture the grace of the experience in words, or the intensity of emotion I feel when I remember the days spent leading up to the wedding with our wedding entourage. So instead I’m just going to say Thank you!

Thank you to Faraway weddingsOutside prewedding 2 lr wm

Planning the wedding was a daunting task, I researched for hours upon hours different venues on the Island of Koh Samui. Thankfully, I found Faraway Weddings. Faraway weddings is a wedding venue and organizer, they arrange everything for your wedding day but are not a resort. This worked perfectly for us as we wanted our guests to have the flexibility to choose where they’d like to stay.

Faraway weddings were totally dedicated to making our wedding perfect for us. Our wedding planner Mairead exchanged what felt like a million emails with me. Mairead was incredibly patient with my questions and special requests. I’m not sure how she kept everything straight but she did. If you’re reading this and planning a destination wedding I would highly recommend them.

My makeup was amazing and so was my hair, a big thank you to our hair and makeup artists. Danai,our photographer, was absolutely amazing as well (all the pictures used on this post he took). You can visit Faraway Weddings here.

Getting ready for the walk down the aisle.

Thank you to Leela Rose Moda for my amazing dress.

I wanted to wear a traditional Thai dress for my wedding.

After much online searching I found Lela Rose Moda and fell in love with their fishtail dress (a modern take on a traditional Thai dress). After some correspondence with the team, I made an appointment to go to the shop. I arrived in Bangkok on Sunday, and had my appointment on the Monday – and was leaving Bangkok on Friday am. (What a crazy timeline right?!)

Given my size I was lucky enough to be able to buy off the rack (custom versions can take weeks due to the cut and the care and attention the team gives every dress). Leela Rose Moda were able to not only help me find the dress of my dreams but adjusted it perfectly to fit me in an afternoon.

Not only was I outfitted marvelously but the team at Leela Rose Moda were so friendly and helpful. I will never forget how I was carefully shown the proper way to comport myself wearing their bridal masterpiece. Tips for walking and standing rather regally were instructed for my special day. They made me feel utterly beautiful and also helped me procure a set of Thai bridal jewelry for myself and my bridesmaids. If you are planning on getting married in Thailand and you want an amazing creation, visit Leela Rose Moda. You can visit them online here.

Cheers to our guests.

Cheers to all out guests! We’re so blessed to have you in our lives.

Thank you to all our guests.

You traveled to take part with us and no matter where we travel in the future this day made an imprint on our hearts and we’re so glad you were there to share it with us. I think of all the small intimate moments of our wedding, moments shared with each of you that I know we will revisit often throughout our married lives. We know that travelling to Thailand was no small trip, thank you for adventuring with us. We’re so lucky to have you all in our lives.

Walking down the aisle with my parents.Family

Thank you to our families.

Thank you for supporting us in this crazy adventure. I guess it’s not all that surprising given we were both raised by adventurous souls. We couldn’t ask for a better family, both in the family we were born to and the ones we joined in love. Thank you our parents who made touching speeches and to our amazingly talented MC, my favorite sister, Rena. And a special thank you to our two amazing flower girls, Essa and Rosa.

Thank you to my husbands Groomsmen. 

Thank you for being such amazing friends. Thank you for taking care of my man – on his wild bachelor party… which since it happened in Bangkok… could have been the makings of another Hangover movie. And a special thank you to Obie Wan Kenobie of speeches, you know who you are.

My special ladies.

Thank you to my Bridesmaids.

My girlie glam squad. You went above and beyond.

Dr. Lindsay travelling solo for coconut ice cream, calmly performing miracles, being friends all these years is such a blessing, it always feels like we just saw each other last week. Our talks always ground and steady me. I have some serious thanks to give your amazing hubby for his contribution to our wedding.

Marina charismatic-ally charming elephants and Aldo sales people, you gave me peace prior to my big day. You have such a big heart, and you share it so openly, spreading happiness. I’m not sure you know how much you give to all those who are fortunate enough to know you. I’m so happy you’re in my life.

Jaenine negotiating every cab, mastering manicures and questionable streetside delights (you put my adventurous spirit to shame with that meal). I’m so glad we met over 5 years ago – I never would have laughed as much without you or tried so many new things. Life is for living and you’ve helped me live mine more fully.

And thank you to all those who sent us your well wishes but were not able to attend. We know you wanted to be there and you were in our thoughts on our special day.

Ring time.But most of all – Thank you to my husband

Thank you for dealing with my crazy wedding questions and months of planning anxiety. You were my rock. Thank you for making our day so unique and fun. Thank you for picking a wedding song so perfect for us, and for my beautiful wedding day serenade. Our song is so much more to me than just words, its just another example of how big your heart is, and it warms mine every time I hear it.  I’m so happy we found each other. Life with you is an adventure I look forward to everyday.



Flights and long drives make me think. Reflect. Never about one individual thing. Only about one particular human. Me.
Hazy, important thoughts about the people I love, my hopes and dreams. Somewhere between where I’ve come from and where I’m going a calm clarity occurs.

I miss Japan. I miss being free and un-encumbered by the daily hamster wheel that seems to be my life.

I miss the order of things in Japan. Everything seems to have its place and everyone their space, their niche in the world. Their purpose.

I’m still not quite sure what mine is…

I haven’t blogged lately because I don’t want to just go through the motions. I want to write when I feel inspired and lately all my inspiration has fled to other aspects of my life. There doesn’t seem to be enough to go around. I’m not going anywhere, I’m excited to post again, but I’m a realist who understands that it might take a while for my inspiration to return. I hope you understand too.


Twilight in Harajuku. Lights aglow from the shops along Takeshita dori. Hand in hand my BF pauses and says ” kekkon shite kudesai?”. I stare blankly, awaiting a translation. 20 seconds later I give in and awaiting my next lesson in Japanese ask “What does that mean?”. In response he drops to one knee forcing the locals and tourists alike to scatter around us, as a white box with a surreal inner glow materializes in his hand. 13 million people in Tokyo fade away as the voice on the only one who matters asks “Will you marry me?”….

I said yes of course.

Sorry for the radio silence over the past while. I’ve been basking in the glow of our engagement.

Hope 2013 finds everyone healthy and happy!

Arriving at the airport at midnight, we were a bit nackered. We passed through customs and out to meet our driver; a 20 something man holding a sign saying our name and wearing motorcycle style leather jacket. Our driver silently ushered us to our van to take us to the beautiful Serene hotel.

It was dark and the driver was quick but skilled as he darted in and out of lanes, sometimes in the right lane, other times straddling the center line. There was a fine mist falling outside as the driver flew down the expressway. Honda bikes piled high with industrial goods coasted along beside supply trucks and small cars. Our driver liked to be the head of the pack, using his horn to advise other drivers to move over or when cutting someone off to advise them when he was in their blind spot. Sparks and a screech later and we were witness to our first motorcycle accident, the sorry victim skidding across the expressway asphalt (and thankfully getting up somewhat unscathed moments later).

As we cruised into the darkened city streets our driver pulled into a quiet alley. Reversing into the blackness of the street and not saying a word. After three minutes of sitting in a dark car…silently… a friendly representative from Serene hotel came to walk us to the hotel.

The hotel was beautiful and clean. Here are a few snaps of our room.

Best of all the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. My Dad recently told me that it is warmth that people remember and that is why I won’t be forgetting this unique spot in Hanoi.

Now off to Ha Long Bay! Woot!!

The alleyway the next morning.


I spent a wonderful weekend in the largest city in Canada. Toronto. The home of one of my best friends, Laura. So one of my favourite places as a result.

We spent the whole day on Saturday shopping at Yorkdale mall. We didn’t leave the mall with much, I got some awesome socks at H&M and we both got some false lashes at Sephora. Even though we went easy on our wallets, after six hours of scouring the mall for new finds we were both exhausted.

Thankfully we refuelled with lattes and lashes. Using false lashes is one of my favourite ways to play with a look, to create some drama or just go completely over the top for a night. I think Laura is a new lash convert. Although I had to laugh when I asked Laura “How do they feel” and she responded happily “Great… I love them. It just feels like I have hair in my eyes all the time.” Not exactly how I would describe the feeling, which to me feels like butterflies on top of my lashes… But hopefully next time wearing lashes will be a more comfortable for her.

After our looks were complete we headed to little Italy to a little restaurant called “La Forchetta Ristorante“. I’ve been to the restaurant twice and love it there. The food at La Forchetta reminds me of eating in Italy. Simple, fresh ingredients are combined in unique and uncomplicated ways, yielding food that demands you just sit, relax, and enjoy every forkful. And the service is impeccable. If you are in Toronto I highly recommend it.

After dinner we went to Eat My Martini, so delicious. 6$Martinis. We ordered the Pumpkin Pie and the Chocolate Factory Martini. The Chocolate Factory is my favourite so far, but with over 130 Martinis to choose from I might find a new favourite next time.

It’s wasn’t a late, late night. But we are already planning our next night out. Looks like it might involve dancing and drag queens and I can’t wait.

I had a wonderfully weekend. I hope you did too!



I had the best time celebrating my bf’s b-day. We jetted off to NYC for a weekend of food, fashion and exploring.

Sadly I took no pictures. None. And there were many I should have taken. But I guess you can’t feel bad about it when you are so in the moment you can’t stop for a photo op.

The only picture I have of the weekend was one I took after I got home. The shot of THE BUN. I’ve been loving the sock bun look because it creates this massive bun. When I got to the airport for my return flight though this baby got a full BUN pat down by security. My body was completely untouched while my BUN got groped, squeezed and poked for… weapons? I was just thankful they didn’t ask me to take my hair down – poke away security lady poke away.