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Home is where the heart is.
My heart is missing my Mom.

I remember and miss the oddest things about living with my Mom. Like waking up in the morning trying to find her in the house, only to realize she was out amongst her flowers. (They look great this year Mom!)


I love people watching. I love people. We are such interesting characters in our own little worlds.

Two specific people watching moments I love:

1. Couples. (Especially ones holding hands). Happy people just make me happy. That joy is just infectious to me. Partners are so funny too aren’t they? I especially love when a couple looks so different. One partner in corporate business attire and the other with dreads and a hemp backpack. Visually different but gloriously similar to have found l.o.v.e.

2. People reading. Watching someone read is like watching a waking dream. People get so beautifully entranced by a story. I love trying to guess what someone is reading, and when I can’t take it anymore politely asking.

Here’s to summer patios and people watching.