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Meow. Meow.

I got inspired to be a cat by watching this MrsJennMarie’s video on cat make-up on You Tube.

We spent thus past Friday night at the Great Pumpkin Ball. What could be better than dancing with 750 other costumed crazies. Prrr.

If you live in the Ottawa area I recommend attending next year. There was a band on one level and a DJ on the other. Dancing and outfit adoration abounded.

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! You can be someone new, some weird personality all night with no fear of judgement from the masses.

The way I feel about Halloween is the way I feel about fashion. You can slip something on and express a whole new side of yourself to the world.

Sadly I waited until the very last minute this year to sort out a costume. So I’ll be relegated to costumes of Halloween past. Look forward to a future post featuring Audrey Hepburn, Little red riding hood or a kitty. Unless by some miracle a find a use for all the faux fur I’ve stashed away.

Hope y’all enjoy Halloween!