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Listened to Hole while doing house stuff today. The angsty 90’s seemed appropriate for my mood.

Currently channelling rockery, grunge vibe in my clothes too. Has anyone else fallen on love with all the denim jackets and vests at Forever 21?

Say bye bye to this mani. It’s getting changed today. But I did feel rather sweet while sporting it. Time for something darker.

Starbucks. And an hour to veg out. Ahhh. Happy Good Friday.


I didn’t feel like a plain French would do this week.

Sorry my cuticles look a little rough. I’ve just been too busy to do much with them.

Still loving my clear CalGel nails pretty sweet for 2.5 weeks growth ehh!

20120826-222536.jpg Grey: CND Asphalt | Silver: Orly Shine

Have you seen the Orly Flash Glam Effects? I have a serious desire for the all these shades but especially “IT’S A METEOR” so fun and could be offset by so many amazing colors.