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Arghhh. I’m on the train. I tried to be productive during this 4 hour trip. I failed.

You would think that a beginner level boho style, 1970’s shawl pattern would be easy to find. I thought this and I was wrong, wrong, wrong. I checked ravelry and did random google searches. A failed 3 hours I spent sifting though pattern after pattern. I’m no further ahead than when I started. All I want is something simple and something easy, because I’m no pro at crochet.

And, why is it that every beginner level pattern directs you to instructions that sound like a foreign language? I think that beginner should imply that the intended audience does not yet speak crochet-ese…

The quest for my festival shawl continues.

If anyone has some helpful hints/ links, that would be amazing!


When I spied this tutorial over at Mr. Kate I had to give it a go. Here are the results of some friends and I playing with cheap phone cases, bathroom caulking and random bits & bobs.



Mr. Kate goes over all the particulars, but here are a few more tips from my experience:

1. Try to pick a caulk that is low odor. Truthfully I don’t even know if one exists. But these pretties were smelly, even after putting a fan in the room. Afterwards we noted the warning to not inhale the curing fumes of the caulk … eeeppp I’m going to ask a pro at home depot before my nostrils are subjected to this craft again.

2. When pushing in one of your decorations, try to get the caulk to surround the outer edges (almost framing the item to keep it in place). I’ve already had one or two gemstones plop off because I only placed them on top of the caulk and it isn’t the best adhesive.

3. Try clear caulk with sparkles instead of putting the sparkles just on top the caulk (the inside of my purse is now a pink sparkle party. I’m definitely going to give this a go myself.

Other than the above this was a fun project to try with supplies easily purchased from your local dollar store. I’m happy with the result, my phone is now a confection the little mermaid might take to an underwater party? 🙂