I’m an aspiring Entomologist.

Ento…whaaat. I had to look it up too, don’t worry. It means a Bug Scientist.

Now how can someone like me, someone who HATES bugs, be an aspiring Entomologist?

See picture below.

This little line of crumb eating bastards were my motivation. Ants. Picnic Devils. The un-stoppable, all powerful, un-killable ants.

When we moved into our new house – we weren’t supper quick to clean up
after ourselves. Now don’t go thinking that we were slovenly.

We just ate out a lot and amongst all the unpacked boxes it was hard
to really sweep up crumbs. Crumbs… aka Ant Crack.

So about a week in and these little demons found a way into our sanctuary.

First we deployed the Ant traps. Nothing. They crawled all over them. I smooshed the ones I saw. And when I had had enough, I spent hours researching ants (or more specifically how to kill ants) and I went to Canadian tire to acquire the necessary weapons. Fifty dollars later and I felt like an Ant killing machine!

Back on the front lines, I deployed new traps (a different brand this time) since I read that ants like different food. This also did nothing. They looked at the traps and then walked around them.

Then out came the RAID ant bail liquid. Gooey and sticky it looked like some of the ants ate it.. but mostly they just got stuck in the gunk. Then diatomaceous earth. The earth definitely made them
steer clear… and climb the walls to get around the barrier I’d laid down.

Finally good Old Ant killer spray… MAGIC. Killed them Dead!

eggghhhh I still get shivers thinking about the litte intruders. ick

I hate bugs. I really do.


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