The Seat is up. Again.

The funny thing about the new house is how it has already changed me.

I used to shop for shoes. Now I’m shopping for garbage cans? And soap dispensers?

It’s wierd. It’s wierd that I’m enjoying shopping for garbage bins for our new bathroom(s). Who needs multiple bathrooms? It’s overkill – but we fell in love with the house.

But let’s get to the point of this random post. The seat, the throne, the can, whatever you want to call it. The toilet seat in my new home is now always up. Always. I’m not sure how… I think the BF likes the sceneic difference of every new room and is making his mark all over the house. It doesn’t matter which bathroom I go to, the seat is always up. Now this never bothered me overly in the old house. We had one bathroom, I’d just put the seat down. Done.
Now I’m always putting down the seat… somehow I have not yet gone to a bathroom where the seat is in it’s down position…

I think I might need to invest in an automatic seat lowering device.
Rant over.


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