Hanoi at night. Night 1.

Arriving at the airport at midnight, we were a bit nackered. We passed through customs and out to meet our driver; a 20 something man holding a sign saying our name and wearing motorcycle style leather jacket. Our driver silently ushered us to our van to take us to the beautiful Serene hotel.

It was dark and the driver was quick but skilled as he darted in and out of lanes, sometimes in the right lane, other times straddling the center line. There was a fine mist falling outside as the driver flew down the expressway. Honda bikes piled high with industrial goods coasted along beside supply trucks and small cars. Our driver liked to be the head of the pack, using his horn to advise other drivers to move over or when cutting someone off to advise them when he was in their blind spot. Sparks and a screech later and we were witness to our first motorcycle accident, the sorry victim skidding across the expressway asphalt (and thankfully getting up somewhat unscathed moments later).

As we cruised into the darkened city streets our driver pulled into a quiet alley. Reversing into the blackness of the street and not saying a word. After three minutes of sitting in a dark car…silently… a friendly representative from Serene hotel came to walk us to the hotel.

The hotel was beautiful and clean. Here are a few snaps of our room.

Best of all the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. My Dad recently told me that it is warmth that people remember and that is why I won’t be forgetting this unique spot in Hanoi.

Now off to Ha Long Bay! Woot!!

The alleyway the next morning.


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