Big projects coming up

I’ve been contemplating my next big project. I like to have one one the go at all times.

The past couple years I’ve:
– taken a makeup artistry class
– taken a manicure/ pedicure course
– trained with calgel
– started the blog 🙂

What next?

Here are some of the options I’ve been toying with:
– taking a photography class (This would give me another creative outlet and cut down on my photo editing time).
– taking a creative writing course (I think this would benefit me in so many ways. Work. Blogging. Its been on my bucket list to be published and improving my writing skills couldn’t hurt).

Now that I’ve written down my options I feel like I have some positive momentum to pick one.

Any other ideas?

  1. Margot said:

    What about an art class Krista.

    A jewelry class would be fun as well.

    • Imagine what you might create with a little coaching!
      The creative writing idea would certainly pay dividends.
      I was thinking about what might be a completely new experience for you. I came up with an acting class. Maybe improv maybe traditional. You are an exceptionally creative person. Maybe you’d have fun getting into a ‘character’? Love ya. D.

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