Ninja bunny attacks


Ninja bunny rocks. I found Ninja bunny at Victoire in Ottawa. It was love. Ninja bunny exclaimed “I’m cute and furry but tough”. I responded by taking Ninja Bunny home.

Anyone who knows me knows I normally detest patterns. This dislike of patterns includes caricatures, logos, funny tee shirt sayings etc., essentially anything too busy. I like to keep it simple and play up an outfit with accessories. So this purchase shocked even me. A few things overwhelmed my normal disgust at all things patterned/ logo’d:
1. The cotton is amazingly soft.
2. Did I mention how cute yet lethal Ninja Bunny is? Looks aren’t always as they appear. (Insert ninja chop).
3. The cuteness of Ninja bunny is contradicted by the dark grey color and the scoop neck. This ain’t no frou frou animal tank.
4. I was feeling like….. a Ninja Bunny.

Top: Ninja Bunny. by Cry Wolf Clothing. Shirt: Top Shop. Sweater: Reitmans. Necklaces: vintage and Forever 21.


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