Good Morning Cookies


Good morning!

I love cookies. Just like cookie monster I could eat cookies all the time; except then I’d pay the price at the gym. Still that doesn’t stop me from finding creative ways to inject cookies into each meal 🙂

These little beauties are crunchy yet moist at the same time. Filled with plenty of oats, apricots, cashews and soy protein powder they can just squeeze their way into being a guilt free breakfast. This dairy free recipe was made with minimal sugar and oil.



This is the apricot paste. Delicious. It is essentially a really big apricot fruit roll up. Which makes me think you could use any 100% fruit snack as a substitute as well. I found this at my local middle eastern food store.

Ginger sugar! It has a lot of ginger which is why I didn’t add any more to the recipe. I found this at my local Asian supermarket. I’m a sucker for trying new baking ingredients.


Finally. The end result. These delicious breakfast cookies. I really enjoy the pockets of apricot. I like mine a little warm but they are great cold too. To eat warm (if you aren’t gobbling them straight out of the oven just nuke them for 15 seconds).

Nom Nom Nom!


  1. Margot Gregory said:

    I love cookies too – will have to try them. They look absolutely amazing! Thanks for posting the recipe. Yum, Yum!


    On Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 7:12 AM,

  2. Evan said:


    Blog is looking dope! Nice work. When are you gonna let me do a guest post on this biznatch? Love ya!

    • Whenever you want! Can’t wait to hear your ideas! I’d love for you to guest post. Email me 🙂

  3. Canadian Girl About Town said:

    Dairy free?
    Sweet!! I’ll have to try these 🙂
    Loving the blog Krista!

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