High waisted

Purse, Longchamps “le Pliage”; shoes, Franco Sarto.

Toured St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts this weekend. My talented girlfriend is the arts director! The Church is  deconsecrated now and is an amazing spot for live events and social gatherings.

The weather was beautiful so decided tofinally try out my new high-waisted shots. I’ve been admiring high waisted shorts and pants since last year when I was in NYC for my B-day and spotted more than a few ladies rocking the look. Since then it’s been nearly impossible for me to find a pair of jeans or shorts that were high waisted, but I lucked out this weekend at Forever 21. I swear that place kills me. 99% of everything I try on looks horrible on me, wrong fabric, wrong lining, horrible drape…. but then I find that one thing that I love (and for 12.98 no less) that makes all the fruitless hunting worthwhile. The top was a previous find as well for 17.98, sheesh 🙂

If I was to wear this again I’d make the style a little more pin-up for a night out. Heels instead of wedges, curls instead of straight hair but keep the red lip.

Sunnies, Michael Kors; top, Forever 21; Cross necklace, Peoples; Star Necklace, custom.

  1. Canadian Girl About Town said:

    I love your high waisted shorts! Very retro awesome 🙂 I am currently in Calgary during the Stampede and bought my first REAL cowboy hat. Next come the boots. I have not yet had the opportunity to take pictures for you but I will. The current trend seems to be: the boots (mostly fake ones unfortunately), short cut off jean shorts, a tank / crop top, and, of course, curled hair with THE hats!! Thoughts?!?

    • Ohh I can’t wait to see!! Do take pics. Ignore the white tank top trend and buy a white button up shirt (short sleeved and long length) and then make it in a crop top by tying the bottom together a couple buttons from the bottom. Ohh I’m so excited. Enjoy all the friendly Albertans 🙂 yee haww!

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