Shorts that are too short – and other summer style rants

I’m a little grumpy today. In honor of my peevish mood, I’ve decided to vent to the world. Before I go further I should state that I am not that girl who snobbishly sneers at style offenders but I am the girl who wishes to save the world from further infractions (having committed enough of my own).

Prepare for a generally ranty post.

Summer Style tips

1. Less is More. Literally. You are going to roast if you try to cover up, so slap on that SPF and enjoy the weather before it’s hibernation season again.

2. There is such a thing as shorts that are too short.* Letting those twigs get some much-needed rays is a must. But if any, I MEAN ANY, butt cleavage is showing you have gone too far. Invest in similar style but inches longer.

3. Crop tops are in… but. Muffin tops are not. I’m sorry. I know it’s not fair. It’s how I felt when über lowrise jeans came in style… unfortunately some styles just don’t suit everyone.

4. Tank tops don’t have to be tight. Play with different fabrics, styles, and drapes. If your belly button is making some sort of timbit sized indentation on your silhouette, go up a size. Style isn’t about what size you wear, it’s about how you rock it.

5. Make-up. Wear less. You will be more comfortable and have less touch ups. A great day cream with SPF is a must and if you have problem skin try a BB cream in your shade (or cheat and mix some lightweight foundation in with your cream, that way you will get the perfect match). liquid blushes are also a great addition to summer makeup as the are lightweight and long-lasting in the heat.

* I should note that my editor, that is my BF, found issue with #2. As if there were some concern that this post could potentially hamper the occasional butt cheek sighting. So perhaps the dudes appreciate the look more than I do 🙂

End Rant.



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