The quest for a festival shawl pattern

Arghhh. I’m on the train. I tried to be productive during this 4 hour trip. I failed.

You would think that a beginner level boho style, 1970’s shawl pattern would be easy to find. I thought this and I was wrong, wrong, wrong. I checked ravelry and did random google searches. A failed 3 hours I spent sifting though pattern after pattern. I’m no further ahead than when I started. All I want is something simple and something easy, because I’m no pro at crochet.

And, why is it that every beginner level pattern directs you to instructions that sound like a foreign language? I think that beginner should imply that the intended audience does not yet speak crochet-ese…

The quest for my festival shawl continues.

If anyone has some helpful hints/ links, that would be amazing!


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