My .. but you have BIG Eyes

I’ve been loving the wide eyed dolly, gyaru style makeup. The accessory of choice for this look, Circle Lenses.

I just bought my first pairs from

It was very important for me when looking for the lenses that I buy from a reputable source. I conducted a lot of research prior to selecting Pinky Paradise and the lens brands GEO and Vassan. I’m glad that I did, I stumbled upon two blogs I’ve already added to my google reader. Both blogs have great lens descriptions and reviews, combined with artful makeup application. I hope you like them!


I’m so excited to get the lenses I ordered. I bought a pair of princess mimi sesame grey lenses by GEO and a pair of rainbow eyes light greenish lenses by Vassan. The site has an amazing sale right now; if you buy two pairs you receive a free surprise pair. I can’t wait to see which surprise pair I get!

I’ll be sure to provide a review of my own of Pinky Paradise and the lenses once I receive them.

Ta Ta for now

*Images from Pinky Paradise.


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