…a life composed…

For the past 3 years I’ve been making a to do list, plotting a plan. Using active moments of my life to take account of what I love about my life and what I think I can improve/ change. I haven’t had a chance to make my 2012 plan yet. I’m not exactly sure why really. Timing? Reluctance? Maybe a combo of both. I keep thinking about it. But it is a hard thing to pin down. The Problem: I think I just want to do so much. The Solution: I’ve picked out the things I think will make the biggest difference to my life.

So here is the list of things I want to do in 2012, in no particular order. I’ve got to start somewhere and this seems like the best way so far.

1. Keep challenging myself.

    Do at least 3 things this year that are a little out of my comfort zone. Eeeppp (I’m scared but excited).

2. Just say no to stress.

    I think this means more yoga, less junk food. (Notice I didn’t say no junk food). More tea, less coffee, and more sleep! Last but not least more time with my friends. 🙂

2. Keep learning.

    I can’t wait to sharpen my pencils and get my hello kitty notebook ready. There are sooo many things I still want to learn: photography, silver work, painting, sketching. I love making things myself. I want to take at least 2 classes by the end of the year.

Now that this list is online. I feel like it is real. That the online-ness will help me stick with it.

*…a life composed.. Prufrock and other observations. “portrait of a lady”. T.S Elliot.

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  1. Mark Gregory said:

    Great life goals Krista!

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