The Closet Clean-up (Before and After)

Well it’s complete (o.k partially complete, I still have to sort through the laundry mountain).

Here are some shots of the before and after.


All in all, it took me about 3 hours to go through everything. But now, I think that I will have a much more functional system. My work wardrobe is now organized into 2 drawers of dresses, pants and work shirts; while the rest of my wardrobe is organized in my closet.

There were a few factors that led to my desperate desire to do this: It was unorganized, I no longer had any idea what if anything I needed, I kept randomly finding a shirt or sweater buried under laundry that I loved and had totally forgot about, but mostly, I started thinking about how I choose my work clothes each morning. Five days a week, bleary-eyed, I try to locate random work attire in limited lighting; and let’s face it, somedays I got lucky, and other days I’d lose the office attire gamble.

Two good things that came out of this cleanse.

#1. I realized that I have more work clothes than I thought. They were just hiding. Yeah!

#2. After discarding all the clothes I no longer wear and seeing my true stockpile of “weekend” clothes. I have decided that the stockpile is not as large as first imagined… this may prompt further clothing collection, but this is still to be determined. 🙂


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