What’s that smell?

I got on the bus the other day and got extraordinarily lucky. I sat next to someone who smelt divine. You know, the type of smell that is light, airy and complex without being overwhelming. Alas, it was the type of smell that while I didn’t mind sitting next to it, I could instantly recognize that this particular scent would smell horrible on me.

This experience got me reminicing about my own quest for a signature scent. For some reason I’ve always wanted one. One smell that is me. A scent that says something. A scent that others recognize and think of me upon the smelling. I’m sure that it’s the women in my life that have led me on this quest. Extrodinary women like my grandmother who wore Chanel #5 or my own mother who wears Elizabeth Arden Red Door. These women embraced the scent because they liked it, but they also made it their own.

I’m still hunting for my own scent as I can’t seem to give up the idea that one day I’ll find that perfect combination. In my moments of exasperation at finding another “ohhh that’s nice… but…. not quite it” fragrance I ponder if this desire to find my scent might be fruitless. If I might just be better off doing what I do now, flitting from fragrance to fragrance depending on my mood. Perhaps why I can’t find that perfect scent is because I simply like change far too much to settle for only smelling like one scent forever. But having a signature scent just is too romantic and personal a hope for me to abandon.

I’m not sure if anyone else is on the hunt, but here are some helpful ressources I’ve used or recently discovered:

1. iPerfumer app Givaudan a leading perfumer has a 25% market share in the business and has created this app. to help consumers choose that perfect scent.

2. www.basenotes.net I’m just getting into this site a huge resource for reviews and fragrance news.

3. Michael Edwards I just learnt about Michael Edwards but am so excited to check out his website. There is a fragrance wheel on his site that looks like it will bring a new level of science and sophistication to my preferred smells.

  1. Think about it this way: the world is your oyster! I have such a narrow idea of the smells I like on me that I have little tolerance for experimentation. Granted, there are millions of perfumes out there, so I will always find something I like. But there are a lot of ways to go about changing your situation and finding The One. Aedes de Venustas has a really great sampling service where you can choose 7 scents you want to try, and for $15 they will send them to you (I recently did this and they sent me two extra ones they thought I would find interesting). Luckyscent is another place I go for inexpensive samples. These little vials will allow you to live with a perfume for a while, try it a couple of times. Even if you don’t love it, at least your sense of smell will be better honed to get you to the right perfume for you.

    • Wow! These sites look great especially luckyscent, the amount of fragrances there that I’ve never even heard of is unreal. Thank you 🙂

  2. Luckyscent is my “perfume pusher” at the moment. Every perfumista knows it well. Have fun with your search.

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