Winter tootsies

Winter fashion. Ok. I know it exists. I just haven’t really figured it out yet. Perhaps its my priorities. I like warmth over fashion when the temperature drops to -20 celsius.

My latest must have purchase is warm boots that are cute. My current pair don’t fit the bill. Warm they are. Cute they are not!

In searching for a nice pair (that must go well with jeans), I looked at Sorels. Yup. the previously known to be ugly but respected for their warmth brand. I must say I was surprised by what I saw. Their website is nicely constructed and features a 30 sec. commercial with a well attired model tromping around in a huge pair of Sorels and an old school riffel. Check it out.

While I haven’t found anything yet there are some definite possibilities. And I have more respect for the brand making an attempt to bring form to their functional legacy.


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